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  Saturday, October 14, 2023  

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About Fresh Traditions


Fresh Traditions was created in 2006 as a program under CHAT. It is a culturally inspired fashion event that exhibits the creativity, originality, and quality of work by Hmong fashion designers. The history of Hmong art is rooted and sewn into the fabrics of traditional Hmong clothing where the unique combination of vibrant colors and textures makes the Hmong identifiable. Through Fresh Traditions, Hmong designers are given the opportunity to create designs and welcome them to life on the runway.


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Season XVI:

All too common, fashion trends come and go and clothing is made to quickly to keep up with those trends. But, what happens when you disrupt that cycle with sustainability? A fashion revolution.


Fresh Traditions is excited to present Season XVI: Timeless. Tasked with upcycling, or recycling fabrics, our 4 designers were challenged to create their collection completely from materials that have already been used in production, creating a timeless loop with those very materials. See what our designers dreamed up by purchasing your tickets now.


Meet the FTXVI designers.

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Join Our Team

There are currently no positions available. However, we welcome any submissions for upcoming opportunities.

Model call for FTXVI
is Closed.

Past Season


October 22, 2022

10 designers gather together from Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to showcase 10 outstanding collections that invites everyone to reimagine fashion from the subgroups of Hmong people with a twist of their own. This is The Collection.

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