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Expect a true celebration of the arts.


CHAT Program Events

Annual Hmong Arts and Music Festival: CHAT has been celebrating the artistic soul of the Hmong community since 2001. The Festival is held in August at the Western Sculpture Park in St. Paul and has grown to showcase nearly 100 Hmong artists and attracts a diverse audience of an estimated 3,000 people each year.

Annual  Fresh Traditions Fashion Show: Despite the 70,000 Hmong living in the Twin Cities -in 2007, Fresh Traditions was the first fashion show featuring all Hmong designers. Fresh Traditions designers have complete creative control over their designs for the show -with one challenge. Each designer is required to make one full outfit using a combination of the same 5 Hmong fabrics used in traditional Hmong clothing.

Annual Freedom Fest Music Celebration

YLG Monthly Open Mic Nights: Organized by the Youth Leadership Group, the Open Mic Nights is a monthly event that offers a supportive environment for artistic networking and development. Artists of all ages and levels get the opportunity to experience performing in front of a live audience. Each Open Mic also highlights and features an artist/group that has showcased consistency and passion of the arts within the community.

Partner Programs:

HmongFM: HmongFM is a partner of CHAT that provides a window into the Hmong American experience and broadens audiences for Hmong artists through a weekly radio program aired in English. HmongFM offers information and commentary on the latest news and arts affecting the Hmong community. Aired on KFAI Community Radio on Fridays at 6:30pm 106.7FM in Saint Paul; 90.3FM in Minneapolis, streaming live at www.kfai.org