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CHAT grew out of Pom Siab Hmoob Theatre (PSHT), the first Hmong theatre company in the world. From 1990 - 1997, PSHT wrote and produced five successful community-based, and three professionally staged theatrical productions. In 1998, PSHT organizers decided to expand their focus beyond theater arts in order to serve more Hmong artists. PSHT changed its name to the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT) and expanded its reach into multiple disciplines - making it the first and only multidisciplinary Hmong arts organization in the United States. 


Since then, CHAT has transformed into a social justice arts organization that engages the community to better understand and meet the needs of the people most affected by our services. CHAT frequently uses innovative strategies from the community to address social issues affecting the community. For nearly 20 years, CHAT has been nurturing Hmong artists, creating a platform for them to share their art and advocating for a more vibrant Hmong community through the arts.  

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