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Art Saves Us Application Form

  • Course Description

    Art Saves Us: Beyond the Noise is calling out all the young and gifted musicians. In our community, music cannot remain silent. If you possess a thirst for crafting music or have any interest in developing your confidence, leadership, and/or networking skills, then join us this summer.

    Beyond the Noise is an added chapter to the Art Saves Us program at the Center for Hmong Arts & Talent (CHAT), dedicated to serving and mentoring highly motivated high school students in creating music. Beyond the Noise’s mission is to indulge and nourish gifted individuals through musical sessions designed by local artists, such as vocals, guitar, piano, and percussion. This Summer, sessions will be taught by Panghoua Thao, Nao Lor, and Nathan Her.

    Our service is completely free of charge to participants. Instruments are provided, but limited. Healthy snacks are provided for students throughout the day. Transportation is also provided for students residing in the St. Paul/Frogtown area (please see the transportation form for more information.)

    Due to the high number of participants interested in the program, Beyond the Noise will be selecting 20 students displaying passion in music to ensure the best quality experience.

    Sessions begins July 13, 2015 and goes until August 28, 2015.

    Student Requirements:

    ● Student must be a registered high school student in grades 9-12 during Fall of 2015 OR have attended 1 full term of Art Saves Us during Fall 2014 or Spring 2015

    ● Student must commit to attend at least 2 sessions per week for the 7 weeks course

    ● Student must be passionate about creating and sharing music, as well as developing his or her leadership skills

    ATTENDANCE is mandatory for all sessions unless a staff is notified of your absence. Having more than 2 unexcused absences will result in a phone call and/or meeting with the Program Coordinator. Sessions run 10am – 2pm on Mon/Fri (Team 1) or Tues/Fri (Team 2). It is required that students attend all Friday sessions during programming. Students will receive teams and schedules during the Music Retreat & Orientation day.

  • Communication Preference

    What's the best way to contact you?
    Please complete the following form if you are requesting to be picked up/dropped off by the CHAT van. Students can only be picked up/dropped off at their home. A trusted adult may pick up the student at CHAT, however, CHAT is not responsible for the student after he/she leaves CHAT grounds. Please keep in mind that the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent can ONLY pick up/drop off students who live in Saint Paul. If you live in another area, you have a few other options for transportation. You will have to provide your own ride to and from the CHAT center. You are more than welcome to carpool with your friends if they are also in the program. If you have friends who are also joining the program and whom live in St. Paul, you can request to be picked up/dropped off by the CHAT van at their location. Please note that you will still have to find your own transportation home.
  • Address to be picked up & dropped off

    Please provide the address to be picked up and dropped off if different from the previous address.
  • Guardian Contact Information (18 years old or younger)

  • *Only fill out if it's different than the student's address
  • Emergency Contact (All ages)

  • Special Health/Safety Concerns (e.g., Allergies)

  • Student Questionnaire

    Please answer the following questions to your best ability. Your answers will help the committee learn more about you. Art Saves Us: Beyond the Noise is a program designed for those who are willing to make a focused and self motivated commitment. Please answer all questions thoroughly. Use an extra sheet of paper if you would like.
  • Art Saves Us Consent

    By signing below, you agree that you have read and understood the program purpose and commitment, and provided accurate and true information. With this agreement you also give permission for CHAT staff/volunteers to drive your child in the designated CHAT vehicle (with correct transportation information) to and from the designated pick up/drop off locations. In addition, all photographs and videos of your child’s participation may be used for future CHAT. You will also give permission to CHAT to take pictures or record short video segments as promotional material to share on social media sites or fliers. CHAT will never use the photos and videos as any form of disgrace, blackmail, or embarrassment to its students, instructors, and program.