CHAT’s YouTube & Media Internship

CHAT’s YOUTUBE & Media Internship

Do you like watching YOUTUBE videos? Do you enjoy making videos? Do you have an eye for video storytelling?!? OKAY! If you answered yes to any of those questions, we need you!

Intern at the Center for Hmong Arts & Talent and work closely with CHAT’s Staff and creative team to develop video content for CHAT’s YOUTUBE channel! You’ll have the opportunity to think outside the box, use your creativity, meet talented artist, attend live performances, shows, festivals, and have tons of fun at the same time! As CHAT’s YOUTUBE & Media intern, you have full access to all CHAT events and programs, including our annual Fresh Traditions Fashion Show, Youth Leadership Group Theater Production, Art Saves Us Talent Showcase, Arts and Music Festival, and many more exciting events!

The ideal candidate for CHAT’s YOUTUBE/Media internship should have:

• Experience handling a camera
• Experience editing video on a PC and/or Mac
• Familiarity with Social Media, such as Facebook & Twitter
• Interest in sourcing and discovering what’s “in” and “happening!”
• Potential to deliver videos that clearly tell the desired story
• Excellent verbal and communication skill
• Attention to details
• Self-starting attitude
• Organizational skills
• The ability to meet deadlines
• The independence to work solo, and the ethics to work well in a team
• Creativity!
• A passion for the arts
• A really cool personality! *must have at least 1 reference to vouch for you!

As CHAT’s YOUTUBE intern, SOME of your responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to:
• Produce videos for CHAT’s YOUTUBE channel
• Work with the creative team to create polished and engaging videos
• Develop strategies to promote CHAT’s YOUTUBE channel and increase subscribers
• Develop strategy to promote CHAT events through video in order to increase attendance
• Monitor and manage distribution process on YOUTUBE, understand all aspects of YOUTUBE platform in order to optimize content
• Document CHAT events through video and photo

COMMITMENT: This is an UNPAID internship with the perks of working in a relaxed and creative environment where your ideas and opinions count.

Requirement of a minimum of 4 hours a week. Candidate will also be required to be flexible in order to attend and document CHAT events.

STRUCTURE: You will report directly to and be under the supervision of CHAT’s AWESOME Staff, particularly Executive Director and Program Manager.

HOW TO APPLY: Please send your resume to with the subject line “CHAT’s YOUTUBE & Media internship”. Deadline to submit resume is September 19th.