Job Announcement from our friends at Springboard for the Arts

Now in the second year of Irrigate, Springboard is pleased to be deepening artist-led creative placemaking and community engagement along the Green Line by piloting an Artist Organizer program.  Springboard will be hiring up to FOUR (yes, four!) Artist Organizers to work within Host Organizations that impact the Green Line area.  This year, they are thrilled to work with: Frogtown Neighborhood Association, Project for Pride in Living, Trust for Public Land and the Saint Paul Public Schools.  Wow!

Artist Organizers will address Host priorities, engage other local artists, and create a “solo” project of their own design over a year.  AOs receive $30,000 for this part time position, and have access to up to $35,000 for the projects.

There will be two info sessions on Feb 13, 6-7pm and Feb 16, 10-11am at the Central Corridor Resource Center, 1080 University Ave W., Saint Paul.

Application deadline is February 28, 5pm.

To automatically download the full description and application, go to

Please share these opportunities with the artists you know!

What is Irrigate?

Irrigate is an artist-led creative placemaking initiative spanning the six miles of the Central Corridor Light Rail line in Saint Paul during the years of its construction. This is a unique opportunity that brings together huge infrastructure development, a high concentration of resident artists on both ends of the corridor, a diverse ethnic and cultural mix among the neighborhoods, and a city with a strong track record of artist community engagement. This artist-led community and economic development approach emphasizes cross-sector collaboration with local private and non-profit sectors. By mobilizing artists to engage in their community, Irrigate will change the landscape of the Central Corridor with color, art, surprise, creativity and fun.

Irrigate  is a partnership between the City of Saint Paul, Twin Cities Local Initiatives Support Corporation and Springboard for the Arts.