Audition for The Shadow War Dramaturgical Devising Workshop

The Shadow War is a play written by Amy Russell (internationally produced playwright and Deputy Director of Pedagogy at LISPA.) It is a fictional story inspired by her childhood years spent in Laos during The Secret War, and tells the story of that war as reflected in the intersecting lives of five characters: two American, two Lao-Hmong, and one Lao-T’ai. We are currently casting for a dramaturgical devising workshop to redevelop the current version of the script. The goal is to generate material for the final written multi-lingual version of the play, which will tell the story from several converging cultural perspectives. The workshop will take place the first week of September and will be supported by a special dramaturgical partnership with The Center for Hmong Arts and Talent. Actors will be credited appropriately for their unique role in developing the writing.

We are looking for actors with strong improvisational skills, and a keen sense of emotional logic and physical expression to fill the following roles:

Lee Mayevsky: Male, Age Range 30-40, CIA base chief in Luang Prabang, Californian.

Gay Mayevsky: Female, Age Range 30-40, Lee’s wife, from Charleston, South Carolina.

Sathanalat Thamavong: Male, Age Range 25-50, Pathet Lao double-agent working for the Royal Lao Government.

Vang Xi: Male, Age Range 25-40, Elder Brother of Vang Shua Hli, killed while fighting on the American side of The Secret War.

Already Cast
Vang Shua Hli: The Mayevsky’s housekeeper and nanny, role to be played by Sandy’Ci Moua.

This will primarily be a workshop style audition comprised of ensemble and small group work. There will also be a section where we would like to see individuals on their own.

Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue, or other a short piece of your own: song, poetry, movement, etc., that best represents your strengths as a performer. We are looking for performers with a sense of openness, playfulness, and complicity. Sense of rhythm, construction, and use of the space are also important.

There will be a considerable stipend for each performer that will reflect the full time commitment of the workshop week and prior research period. 

Auditions will take place on Monday, June 25th from 6:30-9:30pm at CHAT (995 University Ave W # 220 Saint Paul, MN 55104). To reserve your place in the audition please send a resume and headshot or current photo to Teresa Mock at Questions? Please call Teresa at 612-242-6759. Please do not contact CHAT for audition reservations.