Together we can raise 5k

Together We Can Match $5,000 for CHAT!

May 16th Update: We did it! Together we exceeded the $5,000 matched for CHAT.

From everyone at CHAT, thank you! The generous donations will ensure opportunities for Hmong youth and artists to share their artistic expression to the world.

May 9th Update: We’re on our way but still need many more of you to give. 

In seven days, artists, community members and youth have donated $1,950. Supporter Mey Chau shared, “[CHAT] has supported Hmong arts, artists and spaces – that would have never been possible otherwise but has also deepened authenticity and appreciation for what Hmong means, looks like, represents, and most of all what Hmong can be through the arts. Looking forward to what’s ahead!”

You too can ensure a vibrant community where Hmong American artists are inspired to share their perspectives, valued for their creative contributions, and empowered to challenge life’s boundaries. 

Donate to CHAT online at


Dear CHAT Friends, Supporters, and Volunteers:

Many of you have contacted us about the news that CHAT is currently facing some pretty serious financial struggles. We still face them, but we have some good news for you. A wonderful supporter of CHAT has committed a gift of $5,000 to help us through this tough time. He is asking all of our friends in the CHAT community to match this gift. We need your help with this. Would you consider a gift to CHAT to meet this match? Here is the formula we have worked out to help us meet this goal:

• To match this gift it would take only 200 of you to send CHAT a gift of $25!
• To match this gift it would take only 100 of you to send CHAT a gift of $50!
• If you are feeling flush, it would take only 50 of you to send CHAT a gift of $100! (So far, we have heard from 3 of you with a gift of $100!)
We are so happy and grateful that you are part of our community.

Donate to CHAT online at or mail in your check to: 995 University Avenue, Suite 220 in Saint Paul, MN 55104. Please give by May 18th!