Yang mee moua yang

Meet the 2012 Community Arts Project artist Yang Mee Moua Yang

Meet the 2012 Community Arts Project artist Yang Mee Moua Yang

CHAT is pleased to announce Yang Mee Moua Yang as this year’s Community Arts Project artist. Yang Mee holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota-Morris. Her work has been exhibited at CHAT’s Arts and Music Festival and at the 15th Hmong National Development Conference.

The Community Arts Project is a meaningful and artistic project designed to promote community and expression. Through the Kathy Mouacheupao Fund, the 2012 Community Arts Project provides community training, technical assistance, and project support in the field of community-based arts. All project activities are meant to foster exemplary and equitable collaborations between the artist and the community. 

For her project, Yang Mee will explore using ordinary origami in traditional and modern fashion. This project intends to explain the expression of clothing with paper rather than fabric. It will challenge the Hmong and non-Hmong communities to apply art to their traditional clothing or daily fashion to express beauty and richness in a creative way. 

The final products will consist of four outfits made up of origami folded by community members. One final piece will transform a traditional Hmong outfit with hundreds of origami. 

Workshops are scheduled throughout the Twin Cities metro area. To set up a workshop, contact Yang Mee at mouax087@morris.umn.edu.

Follow the project at www.aboutchat.org/cap12.