CHAT In A Financial Crunch Announces Immediate Changes

The Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT) has been fortunate to receive support through the worst of the economic downfall in part through multi-year grants. This year, the aftermath of the economic crisis has reached our doors. In the past months, CHAT experienced a significant loss of support from some of our funders as they shift focus and priorities. As a small ethnic-based arts organization, we rely heavily on foundations and government grants for general operating and program support. The loss of funding has forced us to make some difficult decisions. Immediate changes had to be made to ensure CHAT doesn’t close its doors.

• All staff will be laid off effective May 4 – the work will be done by Executive Director, Sai Vang; our board of directors; and community volunteers.
• The youth programs and our annual arts and music festival is placed on hold.
• We have downsized our office spaces.
• We are working with other local arts groups and organizations to share resources.
• We are broadening our efforts to establish a base of community supporters for long-term sustainability.

Yes, these are drastic changes. For the past 15 years, CHAT has been as the catalyst organization leading the Hmong arts movement. The reality is that we can’t do everything we were doing before. And we can’t do this without you. We need you to donate today. Your financial contribution will not only support us now, but it will help us implement a plan for long-term sustainability. We also need your help in spreading the word and email/Facebook us your thoughts, ideas, and words of encouragement.

The staff, Board of Directors, artists, partners, and funders are committed to CHAT’s future. We know CHAT’s impact in the community is too great for all of us to see its doors closed. And you can ensure that this doesn’t happen.

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