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CHAT Radio

More than just a conversation–Bringing you Hmong Arts and Culture of Today

Tune in for a full hour of music, poetry and more by Hmong artists. Center for Hmong Arts and Talent presents radio designed to inform audiences about the talented and growing Hmong arts community. CHAT radio will bring you exclusive music by Hmong musicians that can’t be heard or bought anywhere else, interviews with Hmong artists, live performances, comedy cuts and important news headlines that directly affect the Hmong community.

Where to Listen:

Friday evenings at from 6:30- 7:30 pm (CST)


Submit your music today! Send mp3’s along with the CHAT Radio submission form found below to

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It’s time to broaden your audience and get some airtime on fm radio by submitting your music to CHAT Radio. CHAT and essential sessions studios has a great rate of $10/ hr for the first ten hours! Application is now online! Just print, fill out and send to CHAT with your down deposit to start the recording process.