NAVIGATE announces Creative Sessions with Captain’s Quarters

Seeking self-proclaimed artists needing motivation and inspiration

Gathering together in power spots around the cities

Find the passage with regular CREATIVE SESSIONS

NAVIGATE through the waters

2011 Schedule of Creative Sessions = Captains Quarters (artists presenting/ feedback sessions)

Upcoming: March 19 – Creative Session/ Captain’s Quarters

Spring: April 22-24 HND Conference NAVIGATE Area and Sessions;

Sat, May 21; Sat, June 18- Captain’s Quarters

Summer: Sat, July 16; Sat, Aug 20 – Arts Festival NAVIGATE Area and Session; Sat, Sept 24 – Captain’s Quarters

Fall/ Winter: Sat, Oct. 15; Sat, Nov 19; Sat, Dec 17 – Captain’s Quarters

contact Katie Ka Vang, NAVIGATE Director, for more information at 651-644-6969/ katie at aboutchat.org