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ICE Open Mic Grand Farewell!


Friday, Dec 10th


Hamline University – Bush Student Center – 1536 Hewitt Ave

Q: But – we LOVE ICE Open Mic – why is this the last?

A: We love ICE Open Mic, too.  It has been a very successful 7 years holding this event – the majority of which were held almost every month!  CHAT really considers this a transition for artists and audiences that are still interested in the creativity the community has and brings.  Even though we are ending the regularity of ICE Open Mic, we are considering holding Open Mic for very special times – like the Hmong National Development Conference.

Q: How will this be a transition for artists?  For audiences?

A: For ARTISTS CHAT is holding CREATIVE SESSIONS through our NAVIGATE program, and airs CHAT Radio every Friday evening @ 6:30 pm on KFAI.  We encourage artists to participate in these programs to keep working and promoting the art coming from the community.

We also support other Open Mics around town – Coale’s (21+, Minnehaha and Dale in St. Paul) just started OPEN MINDS OPEN MIC every Wed. night – and there are many others; however, OPEN MINDS is a collective, which means there is the opportunity to take turns running the event and presenting featured artists – which could be a great thing for past ICE open mic performers and volunteers who know what it takes!

For AUDIENCES – Again, CHAT Radio!  It is on every week and people can interact by calling in or chatting on facebook – it is very accessible by either Radio (106.7 fm in St. Paul/ 90.3 fm in Minneapolis) or streaming online at  As for other events (and many are family-friendly!), we showcase the work of youth and artists in our DabNeeg<>Dawning Theatre Program, Art Saves Us (ASU) classes, Youth Leadership Group (YLG), Fresh Traditions Fashion Show and the Hmong Arts and Music Festival.

Q: What is NAVIGATE? And a CREATIVE SESSION? Please explain!

A: NAVIGATE is CHAT’s newest program, offering resources to nurture and provide professional development opportunities.  NAVIGATE serves artists directly with consultations, workshops and other opportunities, run by Katie Ka Vang, NAVIGATE Director – 651-644-6969.

A CREATIVE SESSION is a regular event for artists held on Saturday afternoons (about every month), designed for artists to keep each other inspired and motivated to continue creating new works (and to get the old ones out!)  See here for more info and schedule.

As part of these creative sessions, every 3rd month will be the CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS – an event where 2 or 3 artists will have the opportunity to present amongst their peers for a deeper experience with more feedback.