Creative Session Sonic Rain

Creativity flows like wine

A glorious day in the backyard of Nou Ka Yang’s co-op apartment – that it was.

The Artist Social and Retreat, a creative session held this past September, was a self-proclaimed success to be duplicated as many times as possible in the coming year.  Many artists came for different reasons, but all found a space that was inviting, comfortable – but most of all, conducive to creativity.  CHAT’s newest program called NAVIGATE, led by Katie Ka Vang,  has direct services for artists.  The program is quickly becoming a way for artists to reconnect and inspire each other into being productive with their artform; a great challenge to most artists with “regular” life to deal with.

NAVIGATE will continue to hold these sessions, starting in January, on a monthly basis, with each 3rd month reserved for some choice artists to “workshop” pieces of their choice and gain constructive and critical feedback from other artists. Get in touch with the NAVIGATE Director, Katie Ka Vang, at 651-644-6969 or via email, katie at