Hip Hop Summer Camp Recording I BELIEVE

Hip Hop Summer Camp’s BELIEVE Music Video is UP!

The BELIEVE music video from The Center for Hmong Arts and Talent’s ASU Hip Hop Summer Camp 2010 students is now complete and uploaded on our YouTube Channel!

The HHSC students went through 15 grueling weeks of rigorous Hip Hop related courses coordinated by ASU Coordinator, Fres Thao and instructed by local Hip Hop Artists from the Twin Cities.

The classes included Emceeing, taught by Fres Thao, Breakdance, taught by Mona Lisa, Grafitti, taught by Elijah Benson, Music Production at the High School for Recording Arts and Hip Hop Knowledge with Tou Saiko Lee.

The end projects included this song, this music video, a mural, which can be seen at the CHAT studio, a choreographed dance routine and a live performance at the 9th Annual Hmong Arts and Music Festival.

‘Believe’ was written with collaboration by Cody Lee, Michael Xiong, Andrew Thao, Kendra Thao, Angel Thao and Fres Thao.

The music for the song was produced and engineered by Bishop of HSRA and the HHSC 2010.

Video recording by Michael Her and Fres Thao.

Edited by Fres Thao.

BIG Thanks to the High School for Recording Arts for their help with the production and recording!
And Saint Paul Neighborhood Network for allowing us to utilize their video equipment!

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