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Open Auditions for WTF, A BRAND spanking new Play by Katie Ka Vang


Saturday, September 11, 2010

from 12:30 to 3pm at CHAT’s studio


by Katie Ka Vang

A brand spanking new, full production PLAY about the Hmong American experience in Minnesota that nobody talks about!

Produced by Mu Performing Arts at Mixed Blood Theatre

Performance dates: Jan. 21 – Feb. 6 (Thu-Sun)

Rehearsals start Nov. 30th (Tue-Sun)

with a week off for Christmas.

Small stipend.

Looking for Asian American actors for the following roles:

True: Female, Hmong American, 21, works as a receptionist in Dr. Heart’s psychology clinic.  Strong willed.

Sunday: Male, Hmong American, 23, a painter.  Seeking something bigger in life.  A quiet sense of humor.

Hope: Female, Hmong American, 18, Sunday’s younger sister.  Very ambitious and super political.

Rush: Male, Hmong American, 18, True’s younger brother, in the military.  Trying to make sense of the world.  Lonely.

Wright: Male, Non Hmong Asian, 70, Sunday’s boss and mentor, a painter who didn’t make it as a painter so now he makes furniture, is a firm believer in self expression, an individualist.  Eccentric.

True’s Father: Male, Hmong American, late 50’s, has three wives and 15 children

Sunday’s Father: Male, Hmong American, late 50’s, is an opium dealer.

Gaowee: Female, Hmong American, 10, young girl who is the daughter of a client who visits True¹s office.  Loves to dance and shop.

Emcee/Boy: Male, Asian American, 25, the guy who True tries to date.  Totally obsessed with music and himself.

Jill: Female, Asian American, 25, the girl who Sunday tries to date.  Totally obsessed with herself.

Please contact Randy Reyes, Artistic and Producing Associate for Mu Performing Arts, to set up an audition time: or 646.221.9509/ 651.789.1012 w

Time slots are limited, so don’t delay.

CHAT is located at:

2nd floor of Sunrise Market
995 University Avenue, #220
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105