Community Arts Project

The community arts project is a meaningful and artistic project designed to promote community and expression, displayed every year at the Hmong Arts and Music Festival.

This year’s project, which is titled Reflection, focuses on the unique experiences of individuals in their attempts to find cultural identity, and how these experiences have shaped their existence in America.

Reflection is structured around one main component:

Painted Glass Art

  • Used, recycled and found glass objects in homes or businesses – vases, fish bowls, jars, etc. (feel free to bring in other glass objects that you feel may enhance this project), to be painted by individuals during creative sessions
  • All individual pieces created will be artistically displayed together, to be lit and seen in its own tent at the festival.

The Community Arts Project is a moving demonstration of the power of each individual, and the community as a whole, to express hopes and desires, fears and frustrations and work together towards change.

If you would like to schedule a creative session with your organization, please contact Bao Vang, Coordinator of the Community Arts Project,  for the remaining open session times through email or call 651-895-4749.

The session will take approximately an hour and a half, to provide your community members with the opportunity to participate in this project. This time will include:

  • An introduction to ChAt and the Community Arts Project, including an explanation of our goals and time for any initial questions to be discussed.
  • A creative work session where community members paint and decorate their own glass vases/jars (to be a part of the lighting ceremony and display) and take photos.
  • A reflection session, after the work is completed, to discuss the project and how it will be displayed at the festival.