Auditioning & Monologue

Instructor: Sun Mee Chomet

Students will learn how to professionally prepare for an audition. I will focus on performance skills, finding depth of character and staying focused in front of an audience. I will also allow students to write and perform their own monologues. As a collective, feedback will be offered so that all students can reach their full potential as performers. This class is also recommended for those who’d like to increase confidence in public speaking.

Mondays, 6PM – 8PM

Starts February 1 – March 8, 2010

Fee: $55/ $45 CHAT member

Rhythm & Beat

Instructor: Shawn Mouacheupao

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of music theory, and the basic fundamentals of rhythm. Students will learn how to read music, play and name certain types rhythms and will learn how to be creative with rhythm and work together to make music.

Thursdays, 6PM – 8PM

Starts January 28 – March 4, 2010

Fee: $85.00/ $75 CHAT members

Beginning Classical Guitar

Instructor: Bob Voua Yang

Students will be able to read notes and guitar tabs, and understand basic chords and chord progressions. At the end of the class, students will be able to play a solo or accompaniment at performance level. This is a BRING YOUR OWN GUITAR CLASS.

Mondays, 6PM – 7PM or 7PM – 8PM

Starts January 26, (class meets on January 26, February 6, 9, 16, 23, and March 2, 9

Fee: $60/ $55 CHAT members

Pattern Sewing for beginners

Instructor: Nou Ka Yang

Students will be able to create an article of their choice. Students will need to provide their own sewing machines (although limited machines will be available for rent); students also need to provide their own notion items (such as scissors, threads, needles, etc.) and their own pattern(s).

Tuesdays, 6PM – 8PM

Starts February 2 – March 9, 2010

Fee: $45/ $40 CHAT members

Private Drumming lessons

Instructor: Shawn Mouacheupao

Students will need to have their own drum set. Meeting times and place will be determined by the student(s) and instructor.


Fee: $60/ $55 CHAT members

Instructor’s Bios

Sun Mee Chomet is a Minneapolis-based actor, dancer and playwright. Her first play, Asiamnesia, was fully produced by Mu Performing Arts in 2008. As an actor, Sun Mee has worked with the Guthrie Theater (Tony Kushner’s world premiere: The Intelligent Homosexual…, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Naomi Iizuka’s world premiere: After 100 Years), Mu Performing Arts (Circle Around the Island, Mask Dance) and many other theaters locally and nationally. Sun Mee received her M.F.A. in Acting from New York Univeristy’s Tisch School of the Arts and her B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Earlham College.

Shawn Mouacheupao is pursuing a Bachelor’s in music and performance with an emphasis on percussion at McNally Smith College of Music; he is also a very active musician throughout the Minneapolis and twin cities area. He has been playing not only drums, but also percussion instruments for over 10 years. Shawn has experience playing all types of genres including Hip Hop, punk, Rock, Funk, Latin and jazz. He has had the pleasure to play drums for bands/artists such as The Last Hoorah, A Day Forward, Posnosys (post nomadic syndrome), Katie Ka Vang, Oskar ly, Tousaiko lee, and Jacob Yang. He has recorded on multiple albums. The newest album with Shawn on the drums will be coming out in the spring of 2010 with his new band The Beggars.

Bob Yang is a singer/songwriter in the Twin Cities area. Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, his musical experience started in his high school choir. In his junior year he earned a spot in the District Festival Choir and by his senior he was a member of the State Festival Choir. Much of his passion for music has been felt in local churches. He has been a volunteer at First Hmong CMA in Kansas and Community Christian Church of Missouri. Most recently he was part of the worship team at Hmong Community Alliance of Brooklyn Center. In 2009, Bob was the finalist for C.H.A.T.’s In Sessions: singer/songwriter competition and is in the process of preparing his first album. Currently he is studying classical guitar with Dr. Todd Tipton, esteemed board member of the Minnesota Guitar Society. He is driven by his variation of the philosophy behind the much quoted phrase, “Aim for the stars, even if you don’t make it, you’ve pointed the way for someone else.”

Nou Ka Yang is a fiber/textile artist that grew up in Frogtown. She was the recipient of Oprah Winfrey’s Youth of the Year Scholarship in 1999 and went on to pursue her BFA from UW-River Falls. Her engagements in multicultural student organizations garnered Wisconsin’s Women of Colour recognition in 2003. After graduating in 2004, she furthered her artistic endeavors by becoming a volunteer studio assistant to Ms. Jorie Johnson in Kyoto, Japan and was an editor of Ms. Johnson’s book “Felt Making and Wool Magic”, while also teaching English to students. Since her return to American soil in 2007, she continues to create works of art that evokes connections and stories to the audience.