Youth Leadership Group

YLG Meetings set for Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-6pm Weekly!

Monday, Feb. 14 Script Writing
Wednesday, Feb. 16 Script Writing
Friday, Feb. 18th GLBT Workshop
Monday, Feb. 21 Draft Script Writing
Wednesday, Feb. 23 Script Writing
Saturday, Feb. 26 SOY New Year
Monday, Feb. 28 Final Script Writing
Wednesday, Mar. 2 Final Script Writing
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Monday, Mar. 7 Play Rehearsals
Wednesday, Mar. 9 Play Rehearsals
Monday, Mar. 14 Play Rehearsals
Wednesday, Mar. 16 Play Rehearsals
Friday, Mar. 18th “In Wonderland” Theme Party Fundraiser
Monday, Mar. 21 Play Rehearsals
Wednesday, Mar. 23 Play Rehearsals
Monday, Mar. 28 Play Rehearsals
Wednesday, Mar. 30 Play Rehearsals
Monday, Apr. 4 Play Rehearsals
Wednesday, Apr. 6 Play Rehearsals
Friday, Apr. 8th MAASU Conference – TBD
Saturday, Apr. 9th Widening the Circle Conference – La Crosse, WI
Monday, Apr. 11 Play Rehearsals
Wednesday, Apr. 13 Play Rehearsals
Monday, Apr. 18 Play Rehearsals
Wednesday, Apr. 20 Play Rehearsals
Friday, Apr. 22-24th Hmong National Development Conference – Mpls, Mn

Theater Performance

Workshop DiscussionMonday, Apr. 25Play RehearsalsWednesday, Apr. 27Play RehearsalsMay 24th-29thMorning and evening Performances

2011 art campaign is PLOYGYNY/POLYGAMY


  1. The practice or condition of having more than one wife at one time.
  2. (Among male animals) the habit or system of having two or more mates, either simultaneously or successively.
  3. (Among social insects) the condition of having two or more functioning queens in a colony.
  4. Botany. The state or condition of having many pistils or styles.

Reasons: Respect, Power, Wealth, Continuation of Family Lineage through Male children, Well-being/survival during war times, Self interest/desires, un-dutiful 1st wife; sterile, divorced women=loss of reputation

Consequences for Children: Jealousy, Confusion, Sadness, Anger, Resentful, Competition b/t siblings, misunderstanding of love and relationships, early marriages

Prevention: Education, Confrontation of Children and Parents, intervention, self empowerment.

About YLG

Youth Leadership Group is a program designed for young people (14-20 years old) who are interested in cultivating leadership skills. This one-year program allows youth to come together to share experiences and create an art project/campaign to present to conferences and events around the country. To view previous year’s YLG campaigns click the links below!


Contact Nou Ka Yang, Youth Programs Coordinator by email nouka@aboutchat.org or calling 651-644-6969

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